About me

In 35 years of computer science, I have become an English writer — and an English lover — without noticing it. Except for a few lacks, of course …

It is nothing to say that I have a poor accent, a lack of vocabulary in daily life, and a total lack of knowledge of English habits — but a strong curiosity about them.

Sooner or later, I was due to desire facing reality. So did I. Twice.

My travel in 2014 was a disaster — I had planned nothing, and I could afford for nothing. After two weeks, I had to go back to France, sadly.

‘Le cœur gros’, as we say in French. But with a rare collection of photos taken night after night in the hall of Saint Pancras station, when ‘tailors for giants’ came to dress the couple of Paul Day in anticipation of an upcoming event about Eurostar.

All day long, the statue was hidden to the public, so I doubt you have ever seen such pictures anywhere else. Unless the team manager (who also took pictures of the making) published them, of course. Did he?

My second travel is now. On Monday 9 march 2020, I got up in Roubaix, in France. At noon sharp, I arrived at Saint Pancras, where I just took the time to make two pictures of the giant couple before rushing to Kings Cross station (I know since 2014 that both stations are close), and within the afternoon I had a room at the Ibis Budget hotel at Leeds, and a window facing Minstrel Church.

Since I arrived at Leeds, I feel I spend my time to bounce from a church to another one, and it must have a sense, or life has no meaning.

By the way, I don’t believe in God — as least in the usual way. But I believe in the power of smile, of kindness, of sincerity and above all, of solidarity. In loyalty, too, and a few other things ‘du même acabit’ as we say in French.

• • • About this ‘About me’ • • •

In case you wonder about : this text is really from me — Google Translate is not that good. I try to use Google only in the sense ‘English-to-French’ to verify I’m not writing strong stupidities, and when I don’t agree with Google, I use MY words, not its ones, taking the risk to say a silly thing — but then it will be mine, not the one of anyone else.

And from time to time, I use the PROMT offline translator, because I bought it, before I discovered that I could have an offline Google Translate from free. Bad luck! On the other hand, PROMT is less accurate than Google, but I like to have a second advice, or choice, from time to time. And PROMT doesn’t need any update, unlike Google, either.

As far as I know, Google translations are made by real people, and I made a few ones, when I had a regular access to the internet, a few years ago. And as far as I know, too, a translation is considered accurate when enough people give either exactly the same, or very close ones.