My schooling started two days ago …

This is not the school — just a sample of XnViewMP’s automatic straightening

I have schooling every weekday morning from 9.30 am up to 1 pm, then I’m free for whatever I decide to do — either explore the city or try to do useful things, most of the time.

So, on Tuesday I went to a Boots Pharmacy to ask for a free exam of my ears, which was done immediately, then I got an appointment to clean my ears on next week.

We are Wednesday, and this evening, I went to Central Station to ask if I could change my First Month subscription —on paper— for a First Bus subscription —using smartphones, as I saw many people do— but it wasn’t possible, as they are two different subscriptions, so I have to use my paper one till the end, in three weeks, and then move to the First Bus system. Agreed!

I had wondered why they don’t give anymore some cover where to range the two-parts paper of the First Month subscription, I have understood: paper has become an obsolete technology. And I agree — I prefer by far seeing trees in the campaign than paper rolls in print factories.

Without being an expert, I am aware of the subject: in my youth, I worked two summers for The Figaro factory at Saint-Herblain, near Nantes, and I loved that job (cleaning the presses, from 6am up to noon — I learnt to read the news for free on the cylinders), but nowadays, I prefer trees on their feet.

Then … What will I do tomorrow evening? I have no idea yet, sorry :^)

Or maybe — going to thanks the ‘Visit Leeds’ shop (just besides Leeds Art Gallery on Victoria Square) because they made me know my current school. Where I’m happy to work at improving my English.

And schooling again at 63, when you are oversized, partly deaf, and slightly authoritarian on the edge —due to the certainty of my knowledge— is a real challenge !