Welcome home, Traveler!

— Welcome back, England! — Welcome home, Traveler!

I can’t get tired of this vision, nor of the dialogue I imagine at arrival.

I have been away too much, it was enough for me to reach Saint Pancras to understand how much I have missed England since 2014.

My heart has remained enclosed in the memory of clothes the couple of Paul Day was covered in (January? February?) 2014, to celebrate I don’t remember which event.

Clothes were removed, but fragments of my heart remained there, forever glued to the statue, so my very first pictures of England were for them.

Welcome back, England!

In fact, I don’t know if that is the traveler or the one who accommodates who is in charge to pronounce the ‘Welcome back, England!’ sentence.

Or ‘Welcome back, Traveler!’? — Another lacuna to be filled up.

Just a few words to advise (the universe) that I take the Eurostar tomorrow morning, even if I plan to spend only half an hour in London, for my correspondence from Saint Pancras to Kings Cross.

Due to rates of locations in London, I move away a little bit (compared to the size of the universe), and go towards the Yorkshire — the West Yorkshire, at least.

Where a simple ‘Welcome, Yorkshire!’ will be due, as it won’t be at all a comeback :^)

Hello world!

In January 2014, I went to London. I came from Paris, France, and after the rails landscape, my first glance of the city was the large clock above the hall at Saint-Pancras Railway Station, and this statue of the England Lady welcoming a European traveler (back home?) from the continent.

[I took this picture few days later: by the way, I was there night after night (trying not to get asleep) while tailors worked to dress the giant couple for I do not remember which event.]

Due to the Brexit, will ‘The Meeting Place’ become the ‘goodbye forever’ room?

Welcome in London!