Today, I wrote to my mom

And as I was in West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom and so on, I started my letter with a (virtual) thunderous “Hi, mom!” in English.

Of course, on next paragraph, I explained it was a joke, because I was —I am— in England now, in a city named Leeds from which I have become in love at first glance, so I’m not sure I would agree to go back in France now.

I’m happy I was able to send her a (large) nice postcard, with four pictures of Leeds on front side — postcard found at the museum near the City Town Hall, if I remember well.

But as I haven’t thought to take a snapshot of the postcard, I give you a picture coming straight from my smartphone, without any change at all.

Straight coming from my smartphone …

A really nice picture, isn’t it? Hope I could make such beautiful ones with my (semi-pro) camera …

Yet, half an hour later …

… I was at Kings Cross Station, waiting for the next train to Leeds.

I’m not sure I can afford London, which is reputed expensive.

On the other hand, even whether my spoken English is slightly better than I thought, it’s not that good. I hear poorly, I pronounce poorly, and often I need people repeat several times what they say before I understand the meaning. When I understand — not always.

So, I have decided to go slightly away from London, to force me to face reality, and Leeds seems a nice idea for the challenge.

‘Why Leeds?’ could you ask. ‘Why not Leeds?’ might I reply. In fact, there is a reason for Leeds rather than any other place in the world: Leeds is the closest place with a railway station and hotels of the Accor group from another place where somebody I crave to meet lives. And that’s enough to say, if you agree.

• • •

Sadly, I might have to go back to Vierzon on next month — just a quick round trip, but it has to be made before May. My travel was poorly prepared (my fault), and I miss some papers I need to bring my bank agency closer to me, not to mention finding any accommodation here.

Welcome back, England!

In fact, I don’t know if that is the traveler or the one who accommodates who is in charge to pronounce the ‘Welcome back, England!’ sentence.

Or ‘Welcome back, Traveler!’? — Another lacuna to be filled up.

Just a few words to advise (the universe) that I take the Eurostar tomorrow morning, even if I plan to spend only half an hour in London, for my correspondence from Saint Pancras to Kings Cross.

Due to rates of locations in London, I move away a little bit (compared to the size of the universe), and go towards the Yorkshire — the West Yorkshire, at least.

Where a simple ‘Welcome, Yorkshire!’ will be due, as it won’t be at all a comeback :^)